Tous woolen company (Public Joint Stock Company) 

The name of Tous woolen company is one of the biggest and well recognized among major textile industry companies in Iran, since 1976. The factory plant is based in the city of Mashhad.

Established in 1976, Tous woolen company has a long background among Iran textile industries. The primary products were Dobby and Jacquard heavy fabric texture with the nominal production capacity of 2.1 million m2 per year.

The factory plant in the city of Mashhad, has a substruction of 20,000 m2 in a land of 8 hectares and more than 300 employees are working. The Nominal Capital of the company is 160 billiard Rials.



Development projects

Tous woolen company has performed development projects in several stages as following: Establishment and construction of worsted yarn spinning line with the capacity of 440 tons per year in 1998, development project of Knitting line in 2001 to the capacity of 1,500,000 m2/year worsted fabrics and 2,500,000 m2/year of car seat covers in 2002. It is notable that Tous woolen company has been started car seat covers production since 1993 and over the period of 15 years the technical knowledge for the production of car seat cover with international standards have been met.

More over plant and machineries have been reconstructed and equipped gradually during these 15 years in order to provide car seat covers. Well-equipped and modern laboratory facilities to test the quality of car seat cover fabrics in this collection are provided.



 Machinery and equipment



Fully equipped thin spinning worsted yarn line (Metric Number 12-16, based on 40.2 yarns) with the capacity of 440 tons per year.

Melanjor, gilbox, Finisher, Ring, Autoconer machines and quality test laboratory are utilized

Advantages of Spinning Machines

  •  The advantages of the spinning machines made by textile machine manufacturer-
  •  Very trustworthy system of these electrical machines
  •  Maximum machine is controlled by servomotor
  •  Expensive to implement
  •  Enhancing manufacturing by  textile machine manufacturers capacities.
  •   Textiles equipment are made by textile machine manufacturer
  •  Accurate result for cotton on
  •  Automatic Doffe system
  •   Reduced Manpower from the industry
  •  Increase more productivity than manual system.



Flowchart of Wool Finishing Process:

Greasy Wool


Staple Dyeing / Oiling Carding / Drawing / Combing

Silver Pre Dyeing Treatments

Dyeing Vigoureux / Printing

Recombing Drawing Spinning

Yarn Pre-Dyeing Operation

Weaving Knitting






Spinning Production Planning and Control (PPC):

Design a system and plan, by which production may be carried out in order to meet promised delivery date consistent with minimum cost and quality standard.
Ensure efficient utilization of production facilities.
Coordinate production activities of different departments.
Maintain an adequate and not excessive stock of raw materials; work -in-progress and of finished goods to meet production requirements and delivery schedules at the most economical level.
Ensure production of right product in right quality at the right time.
Maintain flexibility in manufacturing jobs, to accommodate rush jobs or to meet
Contingences manner.
Ensure smooth flow of materials by eliminating, bottlenecks, if any, in production.
Establish targets and check them against standards.
PPC guides production department by preparing and manufacturing orders.


Spinning Plan:

In spinning, preparation of spin plan is an important component of PPC work. First we have to decide the type, quantity and quality of yarn. Then an allocation of various machineries is calculated in the spin plan.


Weaving and weaving preparation - Knitting Machine

This section includes 1990-1994 looms Dobby, Jacquard, Circular and velvet knitting machines with the total of 80 units at the rate of 380 to 430 wefts per minute. The capacity of 4 million m2 worsted fabrics and car seat covers per year is available




Troubleshooting of tissue defects on car seat cover and darning worsted fabrics are accomplished by skilled personnel in this field



The plant's is equipped by modern dyeing machines and advanced hardware and software control systems to perform dyeing process for fibers yarns and fabrics and with a total capacity of 400 tons for 4 million m2 of fabric per year



This Section which is equipped with modern machines makes washing, finishing and packaging process possible for 10 million m2 of fabrics annually. The factory is equipped with biological and industrial waste water treatment with the capacity of 1200 cubic meters per day. The treated waste water after COD and BOD controls and decolouring, is used for land irrigation of lawns and flowers for the whole campus. The utility sector employs 4 compressors with the capacity of 3000 m3/hr in order to provide compressed air needed for production line machinery.  Moreover, 2 Boilers with the capacity of 25000 lbs (10bar) are utilized in order to provide required heat of washing and dyeing and finishing machines

Whole factory salons are equipped by fire alarm and fire system

  Tous woollen company products are classified into 3 major categories:

Fabrics: include semi-worsted fabrics and worsted

The seat cover fabrics: including the production of car seat cover


The productions of this unit are for several Automobile models: Peugeot 405, 206, Peugeot Pars, Samand, Arisan pickup, KIA Pride and Rio which is being sent to the Iran Khodro, Pars Khodro etc.

Cotton production

Company spinning products includes variety of worsted yarns (40 to 60 metric numbers) which will be spinned and blended of cotton and manmade fiber (polyester).





Top Production Unit of the country by Ministry of Industries and Mines 2010


Statue premier manufacturer Sapco 2001


Top Industrial unit 2008 Minister of Industries and Mines


Certification of quality management systems: ISO / TS 16141: 2008


Certified environmental management systems: ISO / TS 14001: 1004


Health and safety management system certification: OHSAS 18001: 2007

Certification of quality management systems: ISO / TS 9001: 2008